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Are you ready to take your profession to the next level? would you like to be trained in a Tantra Bodywork program unlike anywhere else in the world? The Academy of Tantra is offering a Professional Diploma in Tantra Massage practitioner training. 
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Please click here for Australia. 

Phone/Text Australia   :  +61 0422476055

Private Training and Small Groups

Private training is available and small group training also available. Enrol today to learn this three-level powerful bodywork program and enhance your career today. 


Coming Soon: 


Kundalini Massage Practitioner Training


A World first extensive somatic Kundalini Massage Practitioner training. An embodiment of clearing, energy and dropping into the body to allow for clearing and awakening of the body as well as the clearing of the passages of energy. 400+ page Manual also provided and full training. If you are a Yoga teacher, meditation teacher or even someone on their spiritual journey and would like to learn this amazing healing bodywork - register your interest by contacting us below. 

Contact us for a Learning Pathways Guide to the course. 

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